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Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Dark Side Of Life.....

When i heard Kelly Clarkson's song - Dark Side for the first time on radio, it drove me to tears (I have the song on my cell phone too). A song that describes how we are afraid to show others our dark life (do not that this statement in a wrong way), dark side is all about what a person goes through various emotions in life by experiencing different phases that life has to offer...

The root of one's dark side stems from difficult childhood, unstable family patterns, eating disorders, unhealthy peer pressure, substance abuse, weight issues, emotional un-stability, depression and so on....All these darkness grows not from the outside source but within the same source where one tries to bloom into it's own skin but at times due to it's own weakness or lack of inner strength succumbs to unhealthy form of acceptance to ease the pain..
But those who go through the darkness in their life why can't they come forward and ask for help to make life better? Are they afraid that they will be rejected or not shown any love  or little compassion knowing from which dark side of life they are coming from?  But if we don't then who will? Do we have to literally beg to others to show some decent emotions of approval, like the lyrics in the song? It is truly sad that a human find it difficult to understand each other when in such need...

Let us not shy away or hide ourselves behind a false facade and put on a equally fake smile plastered on our faces pretending that all is well in our world when in reality we need someone to reach out to us and erase the suffering of unwanted emotional pain one endures in his/her journey...Or we feel shy to even shown little acceptance even like a gentle relationship like friendship to such people thinking the society will condemn it or label that everyone is the same...We always worry about the mind of our society than our own lives...Just not done!

We can't deny that we all want to be loved and cared which makes the journey in life a smooth sailing...we want to be accepted no matter what we have done irrespective of the consequences that we face and still have the strength to move on in life for a better progress.

If one has heard the song of Kelly Clarkson 'Dark Side' and give a proper ear to the lyrics one will understand what all it means and what i am trying to say here....I like all her songs cause besides being famous music artist, she has been and seen her side of dark side in life and by reaching out to others who had the same side, she has emerged a winner.... :) :) I SIMPLY LOVE THE SONG!!!

We all have a dark side which is nothing to be ashamed off...Everyone has a dark side that's just what makes us human because we are not perfect....Don't give up on yourself and don't run away from it!!!

I would say never hide or suppress yourself in expressing your side of emotions in other words it heals your soul....No one's life is picture picture..!!

It is all reaching out and making an attempt to make a difference in someone's life and guide them to their proper destination....What a better place this world can be then?!!!

P.S. If you want to listen to the song, here is the link to the song along with lyrics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5ZUZjhX2qU



  1. relly the blog are heart beating, very senasative very heart touching some of msges really made me to cry

  2. Hello Nicola, glad that some of the messages touched your heart and you liked it. Thank you for viewing my blog..

    Wishing you a good weekend ahead! :)


  3. we have all in life various experiences to face dark side or immerse bright side, life move, nothing remain same, once we turn 180° to receive friends feed back, emotions are in all Human Being,Shake Hand,your sharing personal feels,sounds having echo in my own broken heart too. Inner strengh is there to pass from tough to new & better inner condition. wish you more inspirations ahead, excellent week end on this mid july. Smiles, Exercises & Relax.

  4. Hello Mustoosee,

    Thank you for the feed back..and for sharing your thoughts.
    Yes! We all in life do go through some dark phase to experience the other side of life and then emerge as winners....

  5. Very heart touching song and also your blog!!

    Life must go on...Everything in life happens for a good cause....we realize it later in our life :-)

  6. Hello Happy Joy,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts too! And yes, whatever challenges life throws at us we must face it and move on....that is the meaning on life!!!