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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Grit...Determination...Perseverance...Our 'GOALS'!!

All these three words have similar meaning to it....Which one do we choose?

Yesterday, i watched a movie which was based on a well known athlete runner, but being famous in the sport world didn't come easy as the amount of physical pain, emotional sacrifices, trial and errors  and self determination that goes along with all this into making oneself achievable is truly amazing!! Nothing can beat it!! 

The words are not simple ones just to say it - in it lies sweat, sacrifices, tremendous self strength, strong emotions, practicality, will power to face even the hardest challenges that life throws towards us,  and above all hard work combined with a tough soul that will determined where you see yourself achieving the set goals which you always have dreamt of reaching towards it...

Everyone starts life having certain plans (so called goals) and sees that come what may one should reach there..But at times, it might take time to see it happening , we as humans have the mental tendency stating that everything should happen or materialize soon so that the wait shouldn't be 'long'..But again! here is the hitch about us humans, mid way we tend to give up on our self just because we simply lose our determination to see the set goals blooming!! Just not done isn't it!!...Let me add a small quote here..There is a saying that "Rome wasn't build in a day"! No need to explain more on the quote, it says everything!! 

Why can't our life be like a garden, where we plant the seed of our planned goals, nurture it lovingly and see it blooming beautifully in front of our eyes. Of course! Even a plant has to withstand the environmental harshness and challenges and endures it bravely to see itself growing to become a strong healthy tree, isn't it? But due to lack of mental patience from our side, all we do is uproot the plant (our goals) mid way from the garden and toss it into a ditch, and there we see all the effort that one puts into it vanishes into thin air, why do we end up behaving in such a way? Secondly, no  matter in which phase in life are we and age, there shouldn't be a full stop to achievement in life...Life is all about progressing in what ever way we want to see it going...Our life is like water, pour it in any mould and see it taking shape!! 

But does achieving goals in life happens soon at a snap of our fingers? It is that magical? No! I do not think anyone will agree on this..! Guess not even me!!

No matter if we want to achieve soon or later but everything has it's time to blossom, can we as humans learn to come to terms in understanding this? If we do, then no amount of frustration can take away the 'Grit..Determination..And Perseverance from us!

Then why give up?! Why not see it blooming?!




  1. Wise words, nice share of Determination & Patience. Life is a long path, in tune & harmony with nature, where light is, where love is, Oneness Spirit,bring Strengh in Unity. Appreciate your writings Nala. Goals in Life with colors & melody...

  2. Appreciate your feedback..Thank you Mustoosee!