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Friday, 12 July 2013

The Rain...Paper Boats...And Memories!! :)

Today has been such a rainy day and just couldn't stop of thinking paper boat memories that goes along with the rain...And to add to it I happen to find the perfect picture to my memories that i couldn't help penning my thoughts on this wonderful rainy day :)

The way the rain showers it awesomeness on us and including on Mother Earth, undoubtedly brings out the excitement in anyone so much that getting drenched in spite of using all protection to save us from it, it does find its way to soak us no matter what....Some of us would gladly jump into the pouring rain to dance in its glory.... So fun!!

The monsoon always takes us back to our memory lane, especially memories of school days, jumping into every puddle that comes on the way to school, or when the students used to get wet on the way to school or teachers finding it difficult to commute by local transport would always call in saying they can't make it to school and that would be the best part when we used to get half day and run home happily again jumping into the same puddle without complains of getting wet...just the thought makes us feel good, isn't it? Do you agree on this??

Another memory would always be being at home on a heavy down pour, when all one could do it sit by the window and hear the sound of the rain on the window pane or on the tiled roof top...Or as said, the down pour of rain brings out the romance into picture either by reading a romantic book ;) or watching a equally romantic movie to bring out the best of the monsoon effect ;) or going on a ride in the rain ;) or just spend time together eating on hot piping snacks and also sipping hot tea/coffee....sigh!! Are these kind of days still do exist in this most modern life that we live? Or are there the hard core romantic people still re-live these moments in the monsoon??? Or have people just forgotten how to enjoy and have little fun in the rain? Come on, monsoon is a seasonal and why not make whatever one can during this time?....Looking at the drastic changes in the climate happening around us one never knows if we will get to witness such down pour of the that it offers us without any complains...

And yes! I love the paper boats even though till now I haven't mastered the skill of making them on my own, so when I turn into a child and want to float the paper boats, my mother happily makes them for me ;) ;)

So while it bestows on us its best pour let us bring out the child within us that wants to be out there floating the paper boats or simply dancing to the rain beat....let us enjoy to the fullest :)

Pitter..patter...pitter..patter..here comes the rain!!! :) :)



  1. the child time innocent moments with these paper boats,& child songs, melody where the best, keep singing these, see effect today within long years later, amaizing to reconnect with this inner condition, no enough words to express how it is wonderfull to relisten, draw back, pictures, like with color paints,pleasure to meet back after 30-35 years childhood friends through IT google search or facebook & more other tools,each & every one has own choice, destiny, be where you feel well, in this daily process called life,sunrise beauty, silent contemplation of colors, listening singing birds, simple rare moments, giving hands to a child, oneness spirit,sky is always blue, monsoon refresh climate cool,enjoy beauty of nature, walking in gardens, park,rediscover all nice places where best souvenirs have prints.

  2. Yes Mustoosee,

    we should never let the inner child in us fade away or let it die, otherwise we forget to bring our the innocence within ourselves to enjoy the simplest pleasure that life offers...the inner child brings out the curiosity to learn and explore possibilities that we are unknown too...

    Wishing you a great weekend ahead! :)

  3. I just love 'you memories' Nala! These lines, written obviouly with some nostalgia, brought me also to down memory lane. Our house was of colonial type, but with corrugated iron sheets as roof and when it rained, especially at night was realy an awesome experience. As a child I also experienced the paper boats. Thanks for giving me this great opportunity to start an awesome week-end! Waiting impatiently for your next thought! Keep on and just good luck!

  4. Hey Jug,
    Glad that it took you too down the memory lane, we sometimes need to rewind a little in life to bring in these so called good memories,nowadays where everyone is so bogged down with negativity around them...

    Thank you for the appreciation and yes, you will get to read my thoughts here!! Keep checking my blog - My Space :)

    Wishing you a great weekend!