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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Is It Really Our Life?..Or...?

As the title says 'Is it really our life'? are we all living it? No...Not really!! Cause we have in a way have forgotten what it means to live our life the way we plan it or we give our own lives in other's hands to plan it for us, isn't it the fact/truth in it???

Why do we all surrender our own life to others to plan as what they feel it should be and where it should head towards their planned journey and towards their satisfaction...do we feel satisfied by being a part of this so called planned life by other's????Why we come under stress to live it that way? Why can't we have the right or freedom to design our own path and head right into it?

Our life right from birth is determined as what the person is going to do not even know if that what the person really wants to be?? Why aren't we given the chance to make the decision even why at times we might not be sure if this is it (yes! agreed we do make mistakes but isn't it a part of learning and improving on it?)...but what the heck, it is our life and we have absolute authority over it. Life can't be what other make of it, it is our own note book and we will fill the blank pages no matter in which way it is written...

Words like sacrifices, compromises, unhappiness, suppressed desired feelings, other's unfulfilled hopes and wishes which are not gone right as per their consideration, where does all this make the desired person head too?? As for me, 'no where' cause all these make the individual filled with guilt and suffer low esteem, in other words all this leads to lack of desired achievements in one's life....sad...sad...and what a waste of one's life being on this planet.

Are we really scared to bring in the change on our life? Are we not confident to take small step towards our goals with our own self planning? Is the small step that dreadful?? Or we lose the inner strength to break the chains that bound us all...Why do we have to live a conditioned life?? Why are we born then???

Having been through this same journey, I have come to realize that we all do have the absolute right to know and plan our lives with a strong inner strength knowing that we will be strong enough to pass through the blocked walls that others have put around us...Our own inner strength guides us with courageous anecdote that once we realize it, our worth which brings out the shining light that ignites the whole existence in us....

Let's stop and think for a moment to check ourselves. Where is it that we are and where is it we would like to be? Isn’t life supposed to be simple? That is what everyone mostly says, then why are we complicating it so much with all so called conditions that goes along with it??

Can we all make an attempt to bring in the change in our lives and live it to the fullest..??
We are all born to live 'only' one life here..!!! This statement is an absolute truth and nothing or no one change it ...I can defy that!!!! :))

I am on my own journey that’s for sure, taking a step at a time....loving it!!

So I would say ‘let's live our life and let just live it’...!!!



  1. wise words shared Nala,it's all ego need to open sofltly, pick up shining pearls.
    born human we are, become Being Human,where awarness is, awaken spirit to fulfill all wishes, needs, wants, & desires & so on... Life is Freedom to Discover all around the world, all Beautifull Creation, Continents & Oceans, let's start Plant seeds of new Tree, with inner best Intent to achieve Goal in Life, realise Divine Energy is within each heart, practice daily Yoga, Meditation,create Aura, Create own Atmosphere of Joy. Magnet Particules Flow, attract always positive amaizing events where synchronicity work in tune & harmony with nature. self Esteem, self Dreams, self Respect, self Freedom to act as per own inspiration,remove often daily impressions, useless others talks, immerse in Self, Universal Unconditional Love, from Cosmic, Galactic dimension, Brighter World is Ocean of Bliss. there is no fear,no sins,no heaven,nor hell,all is Energy, life a process...,release from illusion, maya, lila, restrictions of religions need to forget & forgive. We are all co-creators, with this unseen,omnipresent, omniscient, omnipresent, powerless, Powerfull Energy. Light, Love, Compassion, Joy in Being. Bees transform from flowers nectar in Honey.Human Being Spirit can Reach Hills, where Silent Eternal Wind Flow mantra is Love, Love, Love.