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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Letter To Universe...

Dear Universe,

First of all let me show my gratitude to you for everything that you have always blessed me with unconditionally from your side and which I so many times have failed to notice it.

It does make me realize, that you have given me so much without me understanding I have what is needed at this very moment but like every other human being, all I did was complain and get angry at you cause I felt let down and sad thinking that what I used to ask for I never received maybe I was asking for the wrong wishes, in fact I have done this numerous times but you have been a great friend, always giving me signs that you are there for me in your way, now I have come to understand you J

Lately I have started appreciating you more knowing how wonderfully awesome you are, and I see you have a big followers who equally praise and worship you. I know you hear me all the time talking to you ,you have become my trust worthy friend who doesn't judge me at all, you know your ways and the right time as when to surprise me with your wonders, that is how you are! We all know it by now!! J

I know you have your wonderful plans planned for me and I am excited to receive them all and see it happening and put into action....You want to see everyone around happy, isn't it? 

I want to thank you now and also thanking you in advance for all the awesome good things you are going to send my way and I just can't wait knowing how wonderful it is going to be, you will take good care of me and be there till I breathe...All I need to do is put my faith and trust in my friend..!

My universe, you will always be appreciated, loved by me and of course all the others out there , my whole being is filled with gratitude that I have for you...

And also thanking you on others behalf as well...Many out there don't understand your magical ways ;)

And will always remember your words “Ask...Believe...And Shall Receive”

As for me, you are my genie and I truly love you!

Thank you ‘Universe’



  1. So Beautifull expression of self to Univers

    Immerse in Self "Thee" who respond, reward,

    give, without expecting, all blessings, shower

    through Rays of Sun, Moon, & Stars, shine, all

    free for Creation, appreciate your feels, of

    gratitude, dear Friend, more ahead, better is

    coming, it's magnet from heart to attract

    abundance of any wishes sent there, ocean of

    beatitude,nirvana,amaizing colors are in tune

    harmony, melody,birds nest is always warm, with

    faith daily needs are fulfilled by the "The

    Grace" of Light & Love. Ask, Believe & Shall

    Receive for Soul, Mind, Body,& Spirit. Equal

    Wings Well Balance Eagles Fly Over. Namaste