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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Movies....Larger Than Life!!

Absolutely yes! We all from different sizes and ages love to watch movies that take us in a different fantasy world where everything seems possible to do and get things done our way....Beat up the bad people endlessly, fly in the air, drive like crazy on the maddening traffic road, shoot at with super aim...And the fantasy list of doing things right goes on...ha :) :)

Comes the weekend and we check which is the next happening movie doing good at the cinema hall, read all the possible reviews on it, call up friends and share with them, check to see every possibilities if tickets would be available at the ticket counter and being in the queue and having endless patience to buy tickets no matter the price of it makes everything worthwhile, then again check with friends if the plans for watching the movie is concrete....Any last minute back outs or changes, damn! all breaks loose :) :)

Well...It just doesn't end here....What about the popcorn, beverages, snacks, ice creams..etc..etc..?? Aren't we going to buy some of these stuff at the eatable counter ?....Without all these stuff in our hands, watching the movie would definitely be 'incomplete', and who cares how much all these cost?? Do we?? Some weekend(s) is simply a splurging time along with family and friends...Am I right here? ;)

Once we are inside the dark room sitting comfortably on the push back cushioned chairs nothing beat the way our minds starting feeling being in the fantasy atmosphere...The way the audience reacts at a particular scene, one knows that the movie is surely going to be on the 'hit' list or very much talked about and to confess even I am one of those audience who will cheer and applaud at the hero to see that he fixes everything right and also rescues the damsel who is always in distress..ha ha :) :) this is what the movies do to us! We for that particular moment or hour, or so forget that the movies are all fictional but yet somewhere at the back of our mind we wish can some of the stuff can be little true? No! Movies are movies, they are meant for entertainment to make us feel good when we need little escape from mundane life that we live....If anyone agrees on this statement, please do let me know! :)

As said, movies...are always going to be larger than life!!!

Today being a weekend I might just do that..!!! Watch a movie!!

Woooo...hooooo...way to go my hero ;) ;) Here I come to applaud you! ha ha :) :)



  1. Dreams are our movie when our mind take off with spirit to discover a dimension where we see beautifull events happening, it's also messages from angels & divine grace.
    Life itself is a movie, each & every human being has his own movie, from birth story to love story expressed in many talents discretion ways...
    Enjoy, keep writing wise share Nala, Best is Ahead... Discovery of Gems hiden within own heart, spirit, colorfull in tune & harmony with nature.

  2. Thank you Mustoosee, liked what you said! We are all gems only need to discover our own potentials in life..


  3. Again a very interesting share Nala, it's as if I am visioning the world through your eyes. As far as I am concerned I used to like movies very much when I was a kid and like most kids Amitabh Bachaan was my favourite as far as bollywood is concerned. I used to go to cinema halls od saturdays to watch westerns and action movies. But with time, this interest has gradually faded. I do go to theatres to watch a good movie mainly because reviews and feedback are fantastic or movie itself being a blockbuster. But my interest in reading has never faded, rather I read more than before, perhaps because the nature of my job makes it an exigency for me to indulge in research work and extensive reading. Anyway I will wait for your next sharing! Good luck!

  4. Thank you again Jug, for your inputs! I am so glad that i'm getting to know my friends more closely now because whatever the sharing their side of comments is always going to be personal...

    Today i watched a bollywood and as i had stated in my post i did applaud for the hero :) so how it is thrilling to do so ;)