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Monday, 15 July 2013

Love And Heart...Both Are Loved!!

Our heart is a cocooned place in us where all possible emotions oozes out for us to feel and experience it, each emotion that comes from it gives us a chance to express ourselves which are at times unknown to human beings and yes it applies to all other living being on this planet, the variations of emotional functionality that is present is truly amazing....The heart is an independent organ which has its command over us and knows its job damn well, It is we who unconsciously put it through enormous stress which the heart doesn't deserve it at all....Heart a powerful organ in our body that teaches us how to love...!! Our heart fills us up with love and love lights us up, and we in turn light up other's life with love..it is like a chain reaction..!!

Love and heart go hand in hand, its like both can't function without each other as they need to help one another to express the need for love. But love do comes with its own package at times, nothing comes easy for some they have to fight or strive for it and those lucky will simply glide through it and enjoy the experience...Love comes in different forms to us as to teach and we learn from it, and let it known to others, it just simply goes on and on....

Love is a beautiful expression which goes beyond it's understanding, there is always give and take which is expected, if it is unconditional than nothing like it, just feels totally awesome..In love is such emotion, it has a vastness to it, love comes in so many variations all we have to free as to give and receive without too much thought into it...Love makes the heart beat faster with all it's glory and excitement...Love is so universal, such an expression that one can't deny feeling it..!!

Why love emotion is such an emotion that we humans forget about everything that exists around us and all we do is keep floating in the air like flying birds sometimes refusing to sit on the branch and look into it as where will the love take us, if it is good then you are blessed if not then it is a lesson to learn to take care until the next love comes by and you know how to handle it with precaution...Love is such an emotion which can't be forced if it's a mutual then the union of it is superbly marvelous that one can engulf into it awesomeness...Very reason it is said that love makes the world go around...So well said!!

Our heart is the other side of our expression of love and to be loved!! Let us embrace it, in whatever form it comes to us...!!



  1. So well said, where within own Heart Light is, Love is,all in Nature, Perfect Creation is Joy, Harmony, from Sun Rise, Sun Set, Sunshine,earth receive in permanent blissfull particles flow. Human Being often forget the real meaning of Love. mutual affection, attraction is called Love. Common people express fall in love, this is not correct to fall in Love, the accurate state of mind & spirit is Be in Love, let come what has to come, Love never Fail,Love is tenderness, care, Oneness, smile & love will shine, light up see how Love clean clear daily impressions of events... all pass, Love Remain unchange. Love "Thee" who Love All. Namaste

  2. So well said Mustoosee..thank you!