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Friday, 19 July 2013

The Climb In Our Life.....!!

Our dreams....Our desires....Our wishes...Our destination...Our choices...Our life..!!!

To achieve this we have to pass through so many hurdles like climbing and crossing over multiple mountains and keep moving each of it in the form of challenges, struggles, sweat and reach our destination that we so desire.....

But at times, are we strong enough to keep climbing and moving the mountains? What if we just give up getting tired to climb further on the mountain? We may not know!!! In between we lose the direction we plan to take by listening to the little voice in our mind that says " You'll never reach there"...But we have to keep trying, keep pushing ourselves to face and jump over each hurdle that comes in our way just like the sportsman who runs on the track jumping over every hurdle and with all his will power and strength and reaches the final line to win it (that final line could be our own destined plan we chalk out for us).

All we have to do is be so strong for ourselves and have faith cause there are always going to be mountains and mountains to climb and reach the other side that waits us...It is not about how fast we are going to reach there, it is how strong our beliefs are that no matter how hard or long it is going to take it shouldn't let us break...The struggles that we might face and the chance that we take shouldn't bring us down to lose the faith to move the mountains which are always going to be there in front of us, there is no denying to it...There might be moments that we think our own struggles we might lose strength in our limbs, but no, we can't let it happen, because we all come a long way pushing, climbing, striving to reach the desired finish line...!! 

Then, comes the day in our life when we become nostalgic and turn back just to take a glimpse to what we faced and proved to ourselves and proudly smile thinking the mountains didn't break us but made us as what we are supposed to be and gain from it...! But yet, it doesn't end here simply because there are always going to be other different mountains everywhere around us...Let's keep climbing each one of it till we breathe...!!

The climb is all about climbing and taking each mountains as it comes in life...!!

Keep the faith, keeping moving, keep climbing...!!!


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