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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My First Blog...!!!


Today on this very blog 'My Space' was created with my colleague's help (so true that learning something new never ends), if one puts it mind into learning something new and is equally eager to put it into action then there is no stopping to one's excitement to see it happen and that is what exactly happened to me and this blog was created in no time...so i'm going to welcome myself and my thoughts here..!! :)

I don't now yet what i'm going to write on, but the feeling of just being here excites me :) :).. I know this will give me a platform to pour out my feelings or simply being silly here or even bring out ideas that play on my mind... to say it i have a very busy mind though!! Putting all of me out here will surely ease my mind to relax it more so it would be a wonderful stress buster...Think i'm already liking it being here.!!! :) :) Way to go gal..!! :)

Thank's Anur for helping me to create My Space :) :)

Good luck to me!



  1. wow!!! now you can speak from you mind .. nice start

  2. Yes, Nala is going to arrff..arrf..here now ;) :)

  3. Great Idea,once you start to write & share you will see how many thoughts are coming, you can express , feels & more ahead, congrats !

  4. Thank you Mustoosee for your kind and encouraging words :)it will surely give me the confidence to write more :)

  5. Bravo ! Blog is a garden to care with regular water flow, by reading & writing

  6. Thank you Mustoosee :)i would add to it by saying let the writing just flow from me and the garden will keep growing to it's vastness...