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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Space - My Dairy..!!

I have heard people keep or rather have dairies as their secret friend who they confide in to about every thing that goes in their everyday life...that means have we lost faith or trust in having a equally good trustworthy friend who keep our secrets to themselves? but on second thoughts what is one hiding from? Why the secret dairy needed? And how many collection of dairies are we going to have?..Thoughts..and more thoughts on this!

which is more easy to keep one's thoughts on: Dairy of Blog?!

Dairy: Need to use a pen to write all and empty the mind, if an error, strike it out with the pen and overwrite or tear the page and toss it in the dust bin..and start all over again writing it...but i know it feels personal and as the quote says 'the pen is mightier than the sword' :) :)

Blog: No paper dairy here and no pen!! But it is more convenient to make all the corrections just by using the 'delete' or 'backspace' key on the laptop and you are done updating it again...Yes! If all personal thoughts or feelings are out there, it doesn't give the personal touch to it and to make it bit intrusion there will be comments to it from other's who we don't even know...ha! :)

whichever way it is to it...being open as how one's feels about self is more important and expressing it (i'm sure there are many out there who will feel the same ) than being in hiding and suffer in silence!!!

Need to do some more thinking on this!!!



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