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Friday, 27 February 2015

The Choice Is Always Ours....!

The connection between the mind and mouth is amazing, what is thought by the mind, the mouth does the talking, so sometimes it's fine to let both of them to rest for a day...If given a chance to do, we instantly will notice how the mind starts putting itself into action right away, oozing out the negativeness that is accumulated inside us...sure it will definitely feel like a bursting of volcano with black lava pouring down from all sides, but instead of running away from the lava, we need to realize why we turn ourselves into a volcano, and keep suppressing everything till it’s time to erupt?! Why are we being hard on ourselves? Or maybe we have our own perception as how life is meant to be lived! Or live it like a volcano, erupting till the end! Or sing, love, meditate or just laugh it out, the choice is always ours! Amen!

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