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Friday, 27 February 2015

Meherabad - A Peaceful Heavenly Abode Of Meher Baba!

Who is Meher baba? Yes! That is the exact questionable expression one will hear when the name is said. Well...the same question mark was hanging over my head and absolutely had zero knowledge about Baba. My answer to the question is, in all my living years I didn’t hear the name until few weeks ago, when I started reading the books written by Mrs. Nan Umrigar , which were suggested by my friend Ms. Mitali Banerjee. Reading the books, I got to know Him and after knowing Baba I just couldn’t wait to visit His abode, later soon after when I got the opportunity to visit Meherabad, I grabbed with my both hands without even giving it much thought to it. I would say it was truly a privilege for me because the day of my visit coincided on the day of Dhuni. What more can I ask for from Meher Baba. I can confidently say that after my visit Meher Baba and I’ve become friends now in our own way. But even before I and Meher Baba could shake hand as friends, there is bit of a story to it, a story where my friend Mitali was also involved in it too, should say it was very well synchronized where Baba had a big role to play in it. We both have come to realize how funny Baba can be in His own best way! :)

I got to know about Meher Baba and how his amazing spiritual journey began in the books and of course later through my research on the internet, I wanted to know more about Baba in whatever possible way I could lay my hands on to dig for more information. The more I read, the more I wanted to visit Meherabad, and knowing it was proximity close to the city I lived in, the distance was some few hundred kilo meters, So I just couldn't wait for the day to come for the eager visit to the place. Through Mrs. Umrigar, I soon connected the other Baba lovers and planned my visit.  It was a memorable road trip where I heard lots of Baba’s wondrous ways as how Baba touches everyone who come to His abode......All they take back home is the eternal blessing from His heaven.

Meherabad - A little abode which Meher Baba created with His own hands, a place which solely belongs to Him, and a place where nature welcomes you and the wind with its warmth gently caresses your face. Meher Baba has spread His aura around every inch, every nook and corner of the place, you feel it instantly and know it well His presence is very much intact in His abode, a perfect place chosen by  Baba to have His tomb and also of His dedicated followers who immensely served and loved Baba till their end . Meherabad is a place which is truly respected and taken care off in minutest detail, a place no one can take it for granted but bow down to it with gratitude in one's heart and soul. A place so simple with no fancy and frills to it, where one can just be there and enjoy the sound of silence in the purest version of it, living in the highly modern world with deafening sound around us, this silence is like a blessing, a soulful music to the ears, it uplifts the soul, the purity of the place fills up within, face lifts up and lips break into a smile. And seeing all the smiling faces around within an instant you know they feel the same too, that Meher Baba is very much around us. This little abode is a magnetic place; it pulls you to its roots to make you feel one with it. This is a place where going once is just not enough!!! All I will say is to this is - Welcome to a little heavenly place called 'Meherabad'!


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