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Friday, 27 February 2015

Discovering Your True Self....!

We have heard the saying 'Discovering your true self' is life's biggest adventure ever! Yes! Agree, there is no denial here! It is indeed an adventure! Would say, an adventure filled with unsolved mysteries, if some are solved sooner, then good, if not keep solving them, sometimes mysteries in life has no endings. Throughout our life journey we try and try to open each lock holding the destiny's key in our hands. Yes again! Frustration sets in...Peace of mind goes for a toss...Anxiety slowly starts creeping in us, finding its strength hold in every cell of our body. One day, realization dawns on us, we feel our every emotion have started pouring all over the place, it’s going out of control, suddenly there is a loud voice inside our mind, and we hear a scream that says enough!! The mind has woken up....We pause!!!!

Thinking....Contemplating....And eagerly waiting for an answer in other words a solution to everything our mind is seeking for. The mind begins to juggle with its own questions and answers, is it worth putting in every emotion into solving the mysteries life throws at us or take a back seat, relax a little, see our choices and go with the flow.... A flow like the river does, flowing and moulding itself, facing bravely each curve or rock that it has to pass through. Why, don't we be like the river, gravely facing each curve and rock, and yet keep flowing even if we reach into the ocean struggling to keep our head held high as not to submerge into the deepness of it, hoping and knowing that our destiny has already kept the key where it belongs and waiting for us to reach to grab it....Once we hold the key in our hands, and with a smile we turn around looking our shoulder to take a backward glance and see how far we have come here.......Facing all the hitches and glitches we stumbled upon in our entire life makes the  adventure worthwhile proudly knowing that along the way we also have discovered our true selves and true self is what makes us!! Do we agree?


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