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Thursday, 16 February 2017

You Are Not Meant For Everyone And It's 'OK'!

Our world is filled with different people, some of them hate you to the core, some of them love your fiercely, some will get joy looking at your weakness. But all people are meant for you or to be in your life, don't waste time trying hard to convince about your value in their life, don't sell yourself short. Keep them aside, don't get into unwanted conflict, it will take forever to heal both ends. You have the right to choose either live life easy or complicate it. Find your soul tribe, talk to people who will hear you out, meet people who will share your sacred path, keep people in your life who will help you face your own truth, love people who are meant for you, celebrate along with them when everything feels right, be there even when its too ugly to handle, applaud their thoughts/emotions when it syncs with yours, when you are among your tribe, it feels like a gift! So, its OK when you are not meant for everyone!

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