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Monday, 11 May 2015

What Is Love?

Let's admit: We all want love in our life. We want to be loved. But it makes us realise along with love in our mind, comes in our own set of fears, insecurities, expectations and with these negative emotions revolving around us, we mess it up, fail to understand, to enjoy the simple form of love.....

Let's admit: We keep hearing about unconditional love. Do we know what it means? It simply means loving without any expectations, full stop!! But have we ever given love a chance, to understand the term 'unconditional'? Why don't we allow the ego mind to rest, so we give ourselves completely into? Yes, we can, 'only' if we start taking tiny steps to love our self in a unconditional way, firstly and foremost everything begins within us - our inner self......If we agree!!

So the question here still remains! What is love?! Wouldn't it be good to feel and express the emotion without any barriers? Of course, it can, because love is purely universal and no one owns it!!

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